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have feet, will dance

just promise to keep your heart broken

♔ dance like no one is watching ;;

이건 꿈인 걸 알지만
지금 이대로 깨지않고서 영원히 잠 잘 수 있다면

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99.9% locked or comment-disabled, because blogging can be so commercially pretentious.
Not friending no more, unless I know you in real life.

"it's a conspiracy!", 62kg worth of popcorn, acting like tourists, b2st, baggy shirts, black, black and red, books, boots, cereal before bed, cheap thrills, chocopie, coffee, dancing, dark mocha frappucino, daydreaming for hours, escapades, espresso and cream chip, falling leaves, fourth-dimensional novels, frilly skirts, green tea, hard-core dancing, haruki murakami, heart-stopping adventures, heels, hello kitty!, high jump, hot pink, iced milo, instant ramen, instax mini, jay chou, late-night supper, laughing to get abs, leggings, mad love for hoodies, mccafe, meiji gummy chocos, messy hair, midnight strolls, minzy to my jay, muji green tea, music, music-whoring, nora roberts, not-so-hardcore yaoi, oreo cheesecake, pansexualism, pink, polaroids, popcorn but not corn, psychology, psychology o_o, pulling all-nighters, purdy icons, quirky things, reading in bed, red, red and black, rollercoaster ride, rotting at starbucks, salvatore ferragamo, sleeping at 6am, spasmic dancing, spazzing, starbucks, staring into space, strawberries, strawberry pocky, stretching my limits, supper, sylvia plath, temasek hall onyx, themepark escapade, two of hearts, virginia woolf, visual arrest, walking in the rain, watching things burn, writing, yoochun to my yoona, 꿈에, 동방신기, 박유천, 박재범 flaunting his abs, 소녀시대, 심창민, 애프터스쿨, 에이제이, 임윤아, 태민 smex voice